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RCE GROUP USA, is a comprenhensive group in different fields of medicine, such as clinical aspects, education for posgraduated of medical carrers, pharmaceutical investigations, cosmetology and skin care, stemm cell aplications, and other fields.   rce group usa under the leadership of Dr. Hugo Romeu, M.D. has the advantage that gathers under the same umbrella, with the necessary resources for conduct ing investigations in all aspects of any project related with the health’s field.

Romeu Clinical Enterpises

RCE, is a conglomerate of different companies serving to the health’s fields for more than 25 years. “R” is for Research that means that we are devoted to the clinical and pharm aceut ical investigation, “C” is for “Clinical” and “E” is because “Education” in all this fields, we collaborate in the integral formation of the students and graduate of the different medicine schools.

RCE Group USA is proud to announce a full service inpatient research unit based in Palm Springs Hospital in Hialeah. Our staff has 37 years experience in feasibility, Investigational New Drug Submission as well as protocol development. After 720 completed studies our database for recruitment far exceeds the clients expectations for subject enlistment. We are also ready to service late phase research projects.

Genome LLC

Genetic Testing including Coronavirus (Covid-19), SARS, Zika Virus, and Testing for other respiratory infections. Genome offers genetic testing of sputum and nasal pharyngeal swabs by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). PCR is the ONLY way to test for the physical presence of the virus and the ONLY way to know whether or not you are contagious.



Muse Health & Beauty

It is a professional business born in 2017 with the purpose of providing services in the field of the health, the beauty, the loss of weight and the rejuvenation.

Prestige Laser Center

A center equipped with high technology for the elimination of hair unwanted, treatments for the varicose veins, etc, under a strict care and a highly qualified personnel’s attention.

Medical Education with RCE

RCE GROUP USA, is envolved in the professional formation of students and graduate of the different schools of medicines, as much in the country as outside of this. Our purpose is to facilitate the necessary different rotations for obtaining of those but high accreditations like ACGME. Up to now they have gone by our trainings and rotations more than 1200 students and graduate of medicine.

RCE Education has 23 years of Graduate Education Experience. Recently we have teemed up with Larkin Health System in Florida which has 2 Teaching Hospital and multispecialty stand alone Residency Training Programs.

Stem Cell Lab

STEAM CELL LAB is a prived laboratory of stem cells that works as a team with a reliable investigation clinic. Our scientists has been working for more than 25 years to the service of establishments of health, primary and clinical treatments, besides the hospitals and of the pharmaceutical industry. We have completed more than 700 investigations in this field.



Over the last 20 years our team has been involved in the formulation, packaging, marketing and web design for several top selling beauty skin products. In addition we have participated in joint venture involving Derm Beauty Spas with all levels of treatment plans for rejuvenation; including but not limited to the branding of products distributed from each center. So we have decided to produce our own line of skin care with a whole new approach toward formulation and clinical use.  The product “Camille” has two current formulas, one for daytime application, the other as an evening cream. For  more information and free samples end us an email at

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