Farmacia RCE
IT is an online and wholesale pharmaceutical distributor;  with headquarters in Mexico.
We are a service oriented company, which pays close attention to the needs of the individual and the larger company.
Our focus is providing a service to hispanics in North America with relatives in Latin America.


We are a retail and wholesale provider of premium hemp derived products. Our brand created by three physicians is able to provide quality medical grade CBD effective for anyone seeking overall wellness or a holistic option for a variety of ailments. Our goal is educate the public of the amazing benefits of CBD with our very own medical research conducted by our skilled team.


Muse Health & Beauty

Professional Med Spa since 2017 providing top quality beauty treatments with a complex array of services.


Prestige Laser Center

A center equipped with high technology for the elimination of hair unwanted, treatments for the varicose veins, etc, under a strict care and a highly qualified personnel’s attention.



Over the last 20 years our team has been involved in the formulation, packaging, marketing and web design for several top selling beauty skin products. In addition we have participated in joint venture involving Derm Beauty Spas with all levels of treatment plans for rejuvenation; including but not limited to the branding of products distributed from each center. So we have decided to produce our own line of skin care with a whole new approach toward formulation and clinical use.  The product “Camille” has two current formulas, one for daytime application, the other as an evening cream. For  more information and free samples end us an email at


Personalized Genetic Testing

Knowledge of a patient’s DNA allows their physician to customize healthcare specific to that individual, and tailor all medical treatment to each person’s unique composition, characteristics, and needs.


Heisu Research Group

Our team of experts is dedicated to conducting clinical trials that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our studies are conducted ethically and efficiently, and we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of patients around the world.



Our program is tailored specifically for the International Medical Student or Physician. This program is a joint effort between a wide array of Medical Schools, Hospitals, and Training Facilities which are all dedicated and certified by Accrediting Bodies in the U.S.A.

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